The CT Yankees Youth Hockey Organization was established in 1989 to help boys and girls excel in the sport of hockey.Our mission is to develop hockey players so that they may reach their fullest potential on and off the ice. The organization serves all of
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Change Team: 

The goal for the Little Yankees Spring Development Program is to follow as closely as possible USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM) and the research and guidelines for age-appropriate Long-Term Athlete Development.  Areas of focus for this age group:

1.         Help each of our participants develop a love for the game of hockey.
2.         Ensure all practice and game events are FUN!
3.         While keeping them fun, a strong focus on skills development in our practices.
4.         Keep travel to a minimum.
5.         Keep the cost to a minimum.  
What sets the Little Yankees Development Program apart from other youth hockey organizations?  The fact that ALL of our practices are run by professional skills instructors.  We are one of the few organizations that follow USA Hockey’s ADM recommendation to put your best coaches with your youngest players.

Here are the program details:

Little Yankees Spring Development Program (2009's - 2006's)
This program is primarily focused on children born between 2009-2006 that have some organized hockey experience (learn-to-play-hockey as a pre-requisite is fine).  We will occasionally allow a U-10 player that is just beginning the sport to participate until they are ready to move on to another U-10 program.  We want as many players as possible to participate in this program.

Tuition Cost: $275

  • Twelve 80-minute sessions at H3 ( Sessions will consist of 50 minutes of skill work, followed by a FUN 30 minute 4 on 4 game.
  • ALL practices sessions are run by our professional skills instructors.
  • Jerseys included.
Length of the Season: April 1st through the end of June 2013.

Practice Days/Times: This program will take place on Sunday mornings.

Why use the smaller ice surface?  It is HIGHLY recommended by USA Hockey’s ADM.  There is overwhelming research that shows that playing in a smaller space at this age is a better development model as opposed to full-ice because the players are forced to become better puck-handlers and small area decision makers.  This is important because as they get older, they will need these skills to be good players.  The full-ice games result in less puck touches for most players and also creates a false incentive system that rewards only the players that are fast.  These fast/young players are considered the “best” at this age but often never develop the small area puck/decision skills because they have never had to.  It is actually these young/fast players that can be hurt the most as they develop habits and a style of playing that will become less and less effective as they get older.  Each year as all players get bigger and faster there is less time and space and the game changes to more of an emphasis on puck-handling and decision making.  If you are a player that has never had to develop those skills, you will be at a severe disadvantage.
How do I make the Little Yankees Spring Development Team?  It could not be easier.  Just sign up.  As long as we still have room in the program, you have a spot.
All our Development players practice together.  We break the kids up into different groups for practices and games based on age and ability, so the kids are always grouped with other kids that are very close to their skill level.  We do not have set rosters for our development teams.  This allows us the flexibility to better ensure that when our kids play games they are playing with and against kids that are comparable to their ability.